Group classes are available for those who are motivated to do exercise with others and all classes are under the  expert guidance of a Chartered Physiotherapist.

Classes include: 

General strength and conditioning classes – mixture of Pilates, Circuit Training and Weights  (any physical challenge can be accommodated in the class program) tailored to individual abilities.

Strength Mobility and Balance Class – Move to wellness –  Do not sit back and let your muscle sarcomeres decline – get up and move!! Become” fit strong” no matter what age!

Bone Health Classes  – Surprise Your Bones –  Weight bearing exercise, weight resistance and balance challenges all help to reduce the decline of bone density and are included in this class. 

General Information for classes:

Small class sizes (approx 6 per class) 

One class a week (4 week block of sessions)

A screening assessment will be carried out on all new clients wishing to participate.  Appointment necessary.

Appropriate clothing and gym shoes to be worn.

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