Empowering from both a physical and mental perspective…

I attended Mary Byrne at The Wrightville Clinic Douglas Road in 2018 for treatment as I had a long history of lumbosacral pain due to disc degeneration and bilateral plantar fasciitis. I also have a history of psoriatic arthritis.  I was in severe pain and I had limited mobility at this time.

When theses pain issues were brought under control by Mary’s treatment and acupuncture I was then introduced to a 4 week beginners pilates course held at Gym Plus Mahon.  Since then we have moved things up another gear and Mary has shown me how to use some of the gym equipment. This has helped to strengthen my core muscles and improved my balance, flexibility, posture and alignment.  I now practice many of these exercises at home between my visits to the gym.

Attending the gym at first was a daunting experience but my confidence improved as I became familiar with its environment and the various exercises. This has been a great aid to my recovery.   It has also proved to be very empowering to me both from a physical and mental prospective.

B. Jones,