“Post hip-replacement physio”

My life has been transformed since Mary supported me in my decision to go for a hip replacement.  My hip was unstable, stiff and painful due to years of wear and tear from horse riding and running. My leg muscles had started to atrophy quite badly and had weakened significantly due to the hip joint not working correctly. I had also developed a limp.

I saw Mary immediately after the operation – in fact she even visited me in hospital! She showed me how to correctly use crutches and started me on a series of very gentle strengthening exercises which I built up and followed to the letter during the following six weeks during which time I had three follow-up physio appointments with her.

I am now three months post-surgery, am walking at least 10kms every day completely pain-free with no stiffness or limp.  Thanks not only to my surgeon but also to my personalised physiotherapy programme and Mary’s intricate understanding of the mechanics of the hip, I feel that I have been given a new lease of life.

I cannot thank Mary Byrne Physiotherapy enough.

W, Kinsale.