“…within two weeks all my pain was gone”

“I have been seeking treatment from Mary Byrne since I was a young child. As a child i had pain problems with my knees after two surgeries and countless visits to a specialist a family friend suggested i go see a physiotherapist. Within moments of meeting Mary she had diagnosed the problem to be in my feet. She had orthotics  made for me and that was the last day i had a problem with my knees. I have been back to see Mary many times over the years for new orthotics and check ups. After living and working abroad for the last few years I have tried to find a physiotherapist or podiatrist of the same quality but nobody has come close. I now fly back to Cork if i have any problems and make an appointment to see Mary. After seeing a podiatrist in Amsterdam and paying 500 euro for orthotics that were completely wrong for my feet and later experiencing allot of pain, I went back to see Mary. I told her i felt i had been ripped off by this con man. she gave me some good advice and within two weeks all my pain was gone. Also she insisted that i do not pay for the session. Mary Byrne is very honest and caring and has a great passion for her work. Both my Mother and sister suffer from similar feet problems. We would all agree that Mary is very kind and honest and has helped us all.” -Cathal J. Sexton