About Mary Byrne


Mary Byrne is a Chartered Physiotherapist and Licensed Acupuncturist whose name is synonymous with the delivery of gold-standard physiotherapy throughout Cork.

You may remember Mary from City Physiotherapy (above Eganʼs Opticians, Lavittʼs Quay).

By attending a Chartered Physiotherapist you may rest assured that your physiotherapist has been educated at university level, is a member of  the Irish Chartered Institute of Physiotherapists and adheres at all times to the ISCP Code of Conduct.

Mission: Our focus is excellence in delivery of personalised physiotherapy  to help everyone to achieve their optimum physical health and  fitness across all age groups, emotional and physical challenges and thus  helping people to achieve their goals and enabling them to become ‘strong fit’.

Aim: Our aim is to bring our standards of elite, professional care to everyone. Our specialist Physios will work with you to diagnose your problem and create a detailed physiotherapy programme that is tailored specifically to your needs, whether you are looking to recover from an injury, improve your general fitness or prepare for your latest sporting challenge. We employ the very best in diagnostics, rehabilitation and conditioning techniques at our four convenient locations across Cork, providing you with the benefits of our physiotherapy expertise to help you reach your goals.

Physiotherapy Treatments with or without Gym Facility

      • Musculoskeletal conditions, sports injuries and all orthopedic rehabilitation.
      • Biomechanical foot and lower limb assessment. This can include fitting of prescriptive insoles or a simple off-the-shelf insole as indicated. Also refurbishment of old orthotics
      • Acupuncture.
      • Rehabilitation & Pilates Classes utilising our own fully-equipped gym facility located at Gym Plus, Citygate, Mahon, Cork


    • Using a gym can be a great way of maintaining and improving your health and fitness, and can also be an important part of rehabilitation following an injury or illness. Our gym facilities offer a modern, bright and friendly environment in which to exercise, with an array of cardiovascular equipment as well as weight machines, free weights and ample open space for mat work. However, using our gym also gives you access to the expertise of our physiotherapists and fitness experts, who will work with you to help you achieve your personal well-being goals in the quickest but most importantly safest way possible.

Professional physiotherapy qualifications and memberships

    • Member of the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists
    • Accredited in Spinal Manipulation by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy in London
    • Member of the Irish Orthopaedic Medicine Society 
    • Licentiate in Acupuncture in 
    • Diploma in Health Science from UCD

Mary Byrne is committed to Continuous Professional Development through regular participation in post graduate training and holds an A.P.P.I Diploma in Pilates Training.

Professional physiotherapy qualifications and memberships