Empowering from both a physical and mental perspective.

I attended Mary Byrne at The Wrightville Clinic Douglas Road in 2018 for treatment as I had a long history of lumbosacral pain due to disc degeneration and bilateral plantar fasciitis. I also have a history of psoriatic arthritis. I was in severe pain and I had limited mobility at this time.

When theses pain issues were brought under control by Mary’s treatment and acupuncture I was then introduced to a 4 week beginners pilates course held at Gym Plus Mahon. Since then we have moved things up another gear and Mary has shown me how to use some of the gym equipment. This has helped to strengthen my core muscles and improved my balance, flexibility, posture and alignment. I now practice many of these exercises at home between my visits to the gym.

Attending the gym at first was a daunting experience but my confidence improved as I became familiar with its environment and the various exercises. This has been a great aid to my recovery. It has also proved to be very empowering to me both from a physical and mental prospective.

B. Jones

Post hip-replacement physio

My life has been transformed since Mary supported me in my decision to go for a hip replacement. My hip was unstable, stiff and painful due to years of wear and tear from horse riding and running. My leg muscles had started to atrophy quite badly and had weakened significantly due to the hip joint not working correctly. I had also developed a limp.

I saw Mary immediately after the operation – in fact she even visited me in hospital! She showed me how to correctly use crutches and started me on a series of very gentle strengthening exercises which I built up and followed to the letter during the following six weeks during which time I had three follow-up physio appointments with her.

I am now three months post-surgery, am walking at least 10kms every day completely pain-free with no stiffness or limp. Thanks not only to my surgeon but also to my personalised physiotherapy programme and Mary’s intricate understanding of the mechanics of the hip, I feel that I have been given a new lease of life.

I cannot thank Mary Byrne Physiotherapy enough.


… highly skilled in all aspects of physiotherapy …

Mary Byrne is a very experienced Chartered Physiotherapist in Cork whom I visited with a hip issue and related lower back pain connected with moderate osteoarthritis in my left hip.

I had tried two other physiotherapists and sports injury clinics in Co. Cork but the problem persisted.

When I found Mary, through a friendʼs referral, she took the time to look holistically at my history and took a very ‘hands on’ approach with deep tissue massage, acupuncture and joint manipulation as well as a personal programme of strengthening and stretching exercises to do at home.

After five sessions at her clinics in Douglas and Cork City, much rotational movement has returned to my hip and I am significantly stronger and without pain and am very grateful to her.

I would highly recommend Mary who is a calm, reassuring and understanding person and highly skilled in all aspects of physiotherapy.


Within 2 weeks all my pain was gone!

I have been seeking treatment from Mary Byrne since I was a young child. As a child I had pain problems with my knees after two surgeries and countless visits to a specialist a family friend suggested I go see a physiotherapist.

Within moments of meeting Mary she had diagnosed the problem to be in my feet. She had orthotics made for me and that was the last day I had a problem with my knees. I have been back to see Mary many times over the years for new orthotics and check ups. After living and working abroad for the last few years I have tried to find a physiotherapist or podiatrist of the same quality but nobody has come close.

I now fly back to Cork if I have any problems and make an appointment to see Mary.

After seeing a podiatrist in Amsterdam and paying 500 euro for orthotics that were completely wrong for my feet and later experiencing allot of pain, I went back to see Mary. She gave me some good advice and within two weeks all my pain was gone. Also she insisted that I do not pay for the session.

Mary Byrne is very honest and caring and has a great passion for her work. Both my Mother and sister suffer from similar feet problems. We would all agree that Mary is very kind and honest and has helped us all.

Cathal J. Sexton

Mary got me walking PAIN FREE again.

Mary got me walking PAIN FREE again. I had a stiff big toe that stopped me walking for more than ten minutes without pain. I had numerous insoles and orthotics fitted for me and nothing relieved the pain.

I went to Mary, she took a pure mechanical approach to treatment and combined the orthotic to fit a firm based shoe. Immediately I had no pain on walking.

Nobody before had given me that advice or came to a practical solution to my problem. I am back walking pain free again!

M. O’Connell

I am enjoying my tennis again.

Thank you for helping me for getting my hamstring better. I can now run for the ball without a ‘pull’ in my leg and am enjoying my tennis again.

G Morris
Tennis Ireland

I had immediate relief of my symptoms.

I have had an on-going back problem for years and have seen lots of practitioners!

When I saw Mary she quickly gave me an expert diagnosis of my problem immediately located the primary area of pain and following treatment I had immediate relief of my symptoms. She gave me clear instructions on self-management which greatly facilitated my recovery!

I am back walking daily which I could not do for years. Thank you!

Mary N. Leahy